About Passionists

Passionists are a worldwide movement within the Catholic church, dedicating ourselves to radical solidarity anywhere and everywhere that we encounter suffering.

Since the Order was founded in the 18th Century (as ‘The Poor of Jesus’), the Passionists have grown into a worldwide family, with ‘Provinces’ in 61 different countries. This also includes various communities who work alongside us and inspire us in turn: some explicitly dedicated to Passionist principles, others who implicitly share our values. Together, we are exploring the Passionist Life.


PASSIO operates out of St Patrick’s Province, which encompasses the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. PASSIO is produced by the Passio Media team: Chris Donald, Paschal Somers and John Friel, with help from others.

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Exploring ecology, mysticism and joyful resistance, through a 300-year-old monastic movement known as the Passionists.


Passio Media are Chris, Paschal and John: the media team for St Patrick's Province of Passionists.